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Beyond Dapper Wish List

Hi whomever you are! Sorry I am late with my list...

Here is my list (in no particular order)
  1. The Glee 3D Movie DVD - I know it doesn't come out until Dec 20th and its list price is higher than the limit but I saw it on Amazon for $18 (if you are here in the US and can order from Amazon)
  2. I am not at all creative with graphics and do not have photoshop skills at all, but I would love a Klaine signature to use on things. I would love for it to include images from The First Time (especially the auditorium scene), the hallway scene in Purple Piano Project (I know you know what I am talking about!!) or scenes from Original Song
  3. iTunes gift cards...so I can keep buying Glee songs!!
  4. The new Glee Christmas Album (the one with Let It Snow)
  5. A tweet from Darren, Chris, or Jim Cantiello :0)
  6. (I am totally stealing this one from someone else!) A mix CD of Darren's live performances
  7. Amazon gift card
  8. I am also stealing this from someone else's list because it is AWESOME: the Klaine Proposal t shirt!! http://skreened.com/whenidance/klaine-skit-quotes The Anvil Unisex Heavyweight shirt in Grey or White size medium would be excellent!
  9. A Klaine quotes bag! http://skreened.com/lemonaidan8/klaine-quotes-tote-bag
  10. This shirt because it is SO TRUE http://skreened.com/masareesepuff/i-d-rather-be-reading-klaine-fanfics size medium, I like the green in the Anvil Unisex Heavyweight style
  11. Ok, I may be addicted to this site now...http://skreened.com/fifionline/christmas-blaine size medium, color white
  12. http://skreened.com/altdesigns/darren-criss-appreciation size medium, color white

Ok - that's it for now. Thank you so much in advance, Santa!!

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